iGEM Stockholm 2019

Esther: the new tool for improved phage therapy

Phage therapy has gained much attention over the last years, utilizing the natural capability of bacteriophages to eradicate harmful pathogens. Nonetheless, it is still far from being available to the general public; mostly due an inconsistent delivery efficiency. Our aim is to provide a new method to deliver temperate phages – this is, phages that have both a lysogenic and a lytic cycle. Harmless bacteria are used as vehicle for phages, which will remain integrated in the bacterial DNA through the lysogenic cycle. Using our genetically modified switch, the lytic cycle is triggered once the vehicle has reached the site of infection, releasing a high dose of localized bacteriophages, ready to infect pathogenic bacteria. Named after the famous microbiologist that discovered the lambda phage, Esther Ledeberg, and as a tribute to all women in science, we have named this new tool for improved phage therapy Esther.

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Silver medal
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