iGEM Stockholm 2018

Biotic Blue: Fighting antibiotic pollutants in the Baltic Sea

Antibiotics are among the most impactful polluters of water resources. Their presence negatively affects the environment due to ecotoxicity and potential contribution to antibiotic resistance. Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) is among the most prevalent and persistent antibiotics in the Baltic Sea. We want to tackle this problem by harnessing the oxidative power of a laccase originating from Trametes versicolor. This enzyme has the capacity to oxidize a wide range of aromatic compounds. We aim to express this laccase in Pichia pastoris and engineer its ability to inactivate SMX using advanced in silico rational design methods. Enzyme activity, SMX removal and toxicity assays were performed for analysis. In our final product, the laccase will be immobilised on magnetic beads, creating a reusable recovery system powered with magnetism. It can be implemented at wastewater treatment facilities or at entering points of the sewage system in hospitals, elderly homes and houses.

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Gold medal
Winner of Best Environment Project
Winner of Best Integrated Human Practices
Nominated for Best Presentation
Nominated for Best Entrepreneurship
Nominated for Best Product Design
Nominated for Best Model
Nominated for Best Integrated Human Practices
Nominated for Best Education & Public Engagement

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